“How often we cannot express our feelings in words so that we are heard, so that the viewer understands us. When emotions overwhelm us, all of our sensors rolls over, there’s confusion in our heads, because we don’t know if they will understand us at that moment And in you everything accumulates unspoken, and then the heart seems then will not stand ...

Then someone writes poetry, someone writes music, and I create what you see now, I convey my feelings, feelings, emotional outbursts through light, color, compositional solution - photography.

Earlier, from childhood, my Soul tools were a simple pencil, brush and paint, but I didn’t have enough to convey all the tonalities of emotions, conditions of the Soul, so I turned to photography. As a result, I managed to get closer to a world in which I can be myself ... '


Participant of the exhibition 'The Fourth Dimension' St. Petersburg, Foundry d. 55 from September 14-25, 2010 Personal exhibition 'Soul Metaphors' from March 24 to April 12 (2011), St. Petersburg, Tolstoy Square, St. L. Tolstoy 9 Exhibitor Habitat. Man and Architecture * (Moscow 2011) Participant of the contest 'Graffiti' on the site of the International Center for Photography (diploma of the I degree)) August 2013 Personal virtual exhibition 'soul metaphors' on the site of the international center of photography, September 2013 Member of the photo exhibition 'Life as a Journey' Moscow November-December 2013 Member of the international exhibition of the exhibition 'WINDOW TO THE WORLD' .. January-February 2014. REVAN (Armenia) Participant of the exhibition 'Life and Travel' January-February Moscow. 2014. Participant in the International Exhibition 'We are 10 years old' in Tbilisi February-March 2018. Museum of Modern Art ' Participant in the International Exhibition 'On the Spring Wave' March 2018, Moscow Participant in the International Exhibition 'NOT REAL IN REAL' 'from February 22 to March 23, 2019. Moscow Participant in the International Exhibition 'B / W' from May 16 to June 16, 2019 in Moscow. Since 2015 photojournalist of the magazine 'Russian Photo Magazine'